All you need to know about Invisalign

All you need to know about Invisalign
Posted on 06/25/2018

All you need to know about Invisalign

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin improving your smile!! We have some helpful guidelines to ensure that you’ll receive the best result possible.

  • Each Invisalign tray is called an aligner. Each aligner is marked with an engraved number. Aligners come in a sealed zip lock bag and that bag is also numbered. Do not open the bag until you are ready to switch, this will help prevent mixing up trays. Always check the number of the aligner and match it when you open a new bag. Mark the zip lock bag with the date you begin using the aligner to help track your wear. After you complete the required number of days, clean the aligners, dry them, and return them to the bag. Keep all used aligners in a safe place in case you are directed to return to an earlier stage.
  • In order to move your teeth predictably, you’ll need to wear your aligners for an average of 22 hours per day. If you are not wearing your aligners for this time, you will need to add a day to your schedule and adjust your calendar accordingly. You will be given a calendar for switching the aligners. Keep track of that schedule.
  • Handle your aligners with clean hands, make sure they are clean when inserting them, and only wear them only over clean teeth. To clean the aligners use cold water a tooth brush and tooth paste. You’ll also need to brush your teeth every time you eat. Remove aligners when eating or drinking anything except water. Do not use hot water on the aligners as they will distort and no longer fit. You have also been given a sonic cleaner to deodorize and brighten your aligners. Use cold water with a denture cleaning tablet, like Efferdent, and soak the aligners for 15 minutes daily to keep them fresh. The sonic cleaner is not a substitute for regular brushing.
  • Never bite the aligners into place, as they may crack. Use the pad of your finger to press them into place. Another good way to seat them fully will be to use your “chewies”. Please use “chewies” at least 10 minutes each day.
  • Attachments: All Invisalign treatment requires small tooth colored attachments on your teeth to ensure the desired movement. It is important for you to learn which teeth have attachments and check daily to see that they are intact. If an attachment should get chipped or come off, please call to have it replaced. Continue wearing your current aligners, but do not advance in aligners until the attachment is replaced.
  • When removing the aligner, loosen it from behind the last tooth (molar) and release it from the inside first. This will protect the attachments.

The safest place for your aligner is your mouth. When you take your aligners out:

  • Place your aligners in the case provided
  • Don’t put them in your pocket
  • Don’t wrap them in a napkin or tissue. Garbage cans don’t make happy hunting grounds
  • Don’t leave them lying on your dresser or around the house

If you experience a problem with an aligner or lose one, go back to the prior stage. It takes several days to mobilize your teeth for predictable movement, so don’t stop wearing them!

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