Fixed Lingual Retainer

Fixed Lingual Retainer
Posted on 08/15/2018

Information About Your Bonded Lingual Retainer

Over the next few appointments, you will be fitted with a bonded permanent retainer. This is a wire that fits behind the lower teeth and is NOT removable. The advantage to this type of retainer is that you wear it continuously, which reduces the chance of relapse (movement of the teeth). The retainer is easy to maintain with normal brushing and flossing.

Here are a few things you need to know about this retainer:

  • All retainers require patient responsibility. Most patients can go for years before needing to have the wire re-cemented, but if it becomes loose, please call us as soon as possible. If the wire comes off your teeth completely, please put it in an envelope and bring it with you to your appointment.
  • You will be able to eat a normal diet with your retainer in place. We do ask that you be careful when biting into something hard like a carrot or something very chewy like taffy. If food gets caught behind your retainer, use your toothbrush and/or floss to dislodge the food particle, but DO NOT use a toothpick or fingernails.
  • There will be a charge to re-bond the retainer when it does become loosened. If the retainer is lost and a new one needs to be fabricated, there will be additional fees for the replacement. You should expect periodic maintenance with associated fees in the years to come.
  • If you would prefer to have a removable retainer instead of a bonded one, please let Dr. know at your next appointment. You should know, however, that research has shown that the most successful, long-term retention for the lower teeth is the bonded retainer.
  • Monitoring the transition into your retention phase of treatment is important to us. We will continue to see you periodically to monitor your tooth position, check and adjust your retainers.

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