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testimonialJuliaAnne started her orthodontic treatment via Smiles Change Lives in 2012 and has seen changes not only in her smile, but in her confidence. We caught up with JuliaAnne to see how getting braces has impacted her life – here is part of her SCL Smile Story!

Why was it important for you to get braces? “At age 14, I started my own photography business and "smiles" is what it's all about. But I was so self-conscious about my smile and vowed to stay behind the camera, but now, my confidence is soaring."

How has having braces changed your life? "I transferred schools at the beginning of my freshman year, and it was hard for me to meet new people being so self-conscious. Now I have amazing new friends, and I am much more confident in anything I put my mind to."

I appreciate my orthodontist and their staff members because: "Dr. VanDevanter and her staff are extremely kind and understanding if I have any problems and are always happy to see me. They have gotten to know me personally and make me feel welcome and just as important as any other patient."

I appreciate Smiles Change Lives because: "They have provided me with an opportunity to achieve a perfect smile that will stick with me for my entire life. Not only a perfect smile, but to gain confidence in myself that has allowed me to dream bigger, aim higher, and achieve more."

Testimonial copied with permission from: SmilesChangeLives.org

I was referred to Dr. VanDevanter by my friend. Her office is perfect. All the workers are hella nice, and Dr. VanDevanter herself wants your teeth to look the best they can look. I went to another orthodontist for a consultation, and he said he couldn't fix my crossbite with Invisalign, but Dr. VanDevanter had no problem in doing so. I have had my Invisalign for about 7 months, and my teeth look better than they ever did. I'm a college student, so being able to pay payments works out for me. I recommend Dr. VanDevanter to everyone… and all the ladies who work there are pretty hot, too.

Ryan W.

My experience with Dr. Camille VanDevanter and her staff has been wonderful! The concern of all in your office is evident and reassuring, especially when having adult orthodontic work. My Invisalign treatment was a breeze no pain and easy to wear, the year went really fast and I love my new smile! Everyone went out of their way to ensure my corrections went well; that I was always comfortable, and that the result would be perfect. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Camille VanDevanter and her wonderful staff to any adult looking for orthodontic care and any patent looking for excellent care for their child. Both of my children had their teeth correction done with Dr. Camille VanDevanter.

Kim F.

It is never too late, as I was old enough to be on Social Security when I began the process, to make a correction on your bite and appearance and to appreciate the rewards of what Invisalign can do. With the help of Dr. VanDevanter and the pleasant and helpful staff of her office, my Invisalign experience has been worth the effort with an improved look and eating ability that I continue to enjoy.

Nancie R.





Hi everyone, Callie and I just got home from her appointment at your office, and I felt like I needed to send you a quick e-mail. I want you all to know just HOW amazing you all are. Our family has only been with you guys a few months, and it is so nice to feel so welcomed at every visit!!!! You ALL go the extra mile to make your patients and families feel special.

I have to tell you that even my kids are huge fans of you!!!! They are always telling their friends how wonderful you are and that they should go there for their braces. Caitlynn even carries a few business cards in her backpack so she can have them on hand if someone asks!!!!!! That says a lot from a 15-year-old!!!!

Keep up the great work, you are all amazing!!!!!

Dara M.

I have two boys that are currently undergoing orthodontic care with Dr. VanDevanter. As you know, the cost of orthodontia for one child is big, but the cost for two is even bigger! Dr. VanDevanter has been great with allowing us the flexibility to work through the financial obligation in a customized way. We have two parties paying for the care. They have allowed us to split the total and deal with each of our shares individually.

Colleen is the billing and reimbursement specialist (Financial Coordinator) that I have worked with. She has been awesome in working through all of the issues of our accounts. We also had a change of insurance halfway through both of the boys’ treatments. She has devoted a lot time to making sure that the old and new insurance plans worked out the details so that the bills were covered. Fortunately for us, the new plan has higher orthodontia coverage, and now she is paying back the overpayment to each of us after the monthly insurance payment comes in.

Colleen has been great to deal with and keeps me updated on the progress every time I’m in the office. I have worked with a lot of billing and reimbursement specialists in my career, and Colleen is one of the best!


What stands out most to me is the atmosphere. Everyone is always friendly and helpful every time I come in. They go out of their way to be welcoming. They also give the best care possible. The office, staff and care is wonderful.


When I think about the staff and facility and Dr. VanDevanter I get a smile on my face. I am always well taken care of, greeted by Jackie and Kristina when I come even when they are helping someone else they always acknowledge my presence with a warm hello. Yvette is my favorite, but all the other girls are great, too. I've had to call and get fitted in because a wire was poking out and I was really uncomfortable, and nobody made me feel like I was bothering them or being a baby.

I think your office is very efficient and friendly and very competent. I look forward to my visits and will miss seeing everybody when my orthodontic care is all done. I will be bringing my daughter in a few years, and I would recommend Dr. VanDevanter and her staff to everyone I know.

Thanks you,

We have been really happy with our experience at Dr. VanDevanter’s office. The office staff always makes us feel really welcomed and comfortable. The dental staff has always been good and gentle with our son. To us, that is very important because you know the children are usually nervous. Dr. VanDevanter and Marjorie have also been really great in going through the dental plan and procedures so we fully understand the entire process.

Newsom Family

As a female in my late 40's, I viewed getting braces as a pretty big time and financial commitment. So I did my homework before choosing a doctor that was right for me. Below are the reasons why I selected Dr. VanDevanter:

  1. Orthodontic methods are changing. I wanted a doctor who was not only modern, but really "enjoys" keeping up with new technology as it becomes available.
  2. Dr. VanDevanter is part of the local community. I have been seeing my dentist in Federal Way for several years and really trust him. Dr. VanDevanter has worked closely with him to develop a complete plan for my future dental health.
  3. The staff is a "building full of smiles". From my first consultation everyone in the office was cheerful and that has never changed. The technicians also work as a team. You don't get the "assembly line" treatment.

I am often asked by other adults, "Who is your orthodontist?" I feel great recommending Dr. VanDevanter because I have no doubt they will have the same positive experience.


The staff and environment of Dr. VanDevanter’s orthodontic clinic made my experience a lot easier and less scary. Every visit I was greeted with smiling faces, and I had a feeling that the outcome would be positive instantly. I just got my braces off, my smile has brightened, and I’m glad to have a retainer. I always look forward to coming by for a visit! These girls are the best!!


What stands out is that the entire staff makes you very comfortable from the time you walk through the door to the end of your appointment.

The camaraderie of the staff is self-evident. They all get along and really have fun doing their jobs.

I also appreciate their professionalism and the care they take with you when you’re in the chair.

I am very pleased with the selection I made in coming to this facility and have been able to talk about this office to other I have met.

Keep up the great work you do.


Words that describe my experience: beautiful women with a tender touch, fun-loving and caring. They always strive to make you comfortable even in an uncomfortable situation (getting braces at an “older age”). Thanks for everything you’ve been awesome!


VanDevanter Orthodontics

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