Indirect Bonding

Indirect bonding is a method of placing the brackets for braces on the teeth with custom made trays, in less than an hour.  With the custom fit trays, the braces are placed on all teeth within the full arch at once, instead of  the traditional way of placing them individually on each tooth.  The traditional process required meticulous, long, painstaking sessions for both patient and doctor, to ensure each bracket was in the correct position, especially in the back of the mouth. Indirect bonding requires the braces placement to be performed  the lab saving the patient so much time.  Indirect bonding also has the advantage of ideal placement so your teeth move from the first day more efficiently into their correct position, reducing the time you need to wear the braces.  Dr. VanDevanter and her team have been indirect bonding in our office for over 20 years.   

Indirect Bonding Process

Indirect bonding is a technique in which molds of the teeth are made, and most of the work for the braces is done in the lab. It is a remarkable process that depends on our ability to make particularly accurate models of your teeth. Much detail goes into the accurate measurement and alignment of the model, since your mouth is naturally unique to you.

The brackets for the braces are placed on the models of the teeth, exactly in the right place, fitted into the trays made on the model, and sealed and cured.

Bonding Your Braces

We will make custom trays from your own tooth models, in our lab.   The braces will be embedded into the trays, and all that remains is a short appointment to fit the trays onto your teeth,  where they are  light cured which bonds them to your  teeth.

All the other work that would traditionally have been done in the orthodontist’s chair, has been done without you needing to have your mouth stretched open. 

Adjustments to Your Braces

You will be seen approximately every six to 14 weeks. When needed, adjustments will be made to the brackets and/or the wires that run through the braces.  You’ll need to follow a diet free of sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods, because they can damage your braces.

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