Self-Ligating Braces

What You Need To Know About Self-Ligating Braces

Two of the most common questions orthodontists hear from new patients are about the length of treatment and the comfort level they will experience in braces. The third is how visible will they be.

Although highly effective, traditional braces, are can fail when it comes to both of those issues. Technological advancements in orthodontics are constantly looking at alternatives to improving on the level of discomfort as well as time spent undergoing treatment.  One development is in self-ligating brackets—also known as Smart Brackets.  In our office we have chosen 3M's SmartClip braces, which  rely on an innovative clip system to hold the wires in place. They're available in both metal and a translucent ceramic material designed to blend in with the teeth for a less noticeable presentation. In self-ligating braces, the arch wire is held in place by the bracket itself snapping into a spring slot.

Advantages of 3M Self-Ligating Braces:

  • Better Efficiency at Visits: Arch wire changes are speedier and, patients will be in and out of the office quicker.
  • Enables Faster Treatment: Self-ligating braces have helped to shorten treatment time by up to six months and the range of wire expression and design allows for fewer activation appointments
  • Reduced Discomfort: The clip mechanism minimizes the friction and reduces the force required to move teeth. This in turn is reduces the tenderness patients might experience.
  • Easy to Keep Clean:  elastics and colored bands are notorious for trapping food, and providing the perfect environment for plaque to form. Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastics, so you'll have a cleaner smile during treatment.
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