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"Dr. VanDevanter is a friendly and knowledgeable orthodontist. My daughter’s teeth looking amazing in a short amount of time! 
The staff are awesome, super friendly and always on time. They offer fun rewards. The office is very up to date, clean and has activities for kids of all ages while you wait. It’s a very hip place. I highly recommend it! I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else."

-Lindsay P.

"We’ve been with this office for little over a year now and have only had the best experience. Doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They offer many fun events and rewards, always making my daughter feel special. I’d most definitely recommend VanDevanter Orthodontics to friends and family!"

-Luba R.

"The best orthodontist! Dr VanDevanter and staff are all amazing and super friendly. Dr V is very knowledgeable. I love that appointments are always on time and I leave the office knowing the exact treatment plan. Can’t ask for a better team!"

-Faye P.

"Love this place!! I went here as a child and now my youngest is going to Dr. VanDevanter. 1st consultation they even pulled up my old pic to show my daughter and that help put her at ease. My daughter was really nervous as normal when we started,but when she got her spacer and braces on the lady took the time to show her every tool tell her what each one is and tell her everything she was going to do. This put my daughter at such ease. She no longer is nervous to go to any apts. As a parent that is everything I could ask for. When we had our 1st consultation everything that needed to be done and why was explained to my self and my husband and the price was layed out with what options they had for payment. They were very flexible with the date payments were due. Everytime we go in everyone is happy and smiling. I would suggest Dr. VanDevanter's office to anyone!"

-Michelle J.

"I was referred to Dr. VanDevanter by my dentist as I had bone loss in my lower jaw and orthodontics was one way to help correct it.  My first visit to the office was such an uplifting experience.  They were so friendly, knowledgeable and explained the treatment plan in such detail including pictures.  I left the office excited to begin treatment. Throughout the 18 months of wearing braces my visits to the office were always met with friendly and smiling staff.  They were eager to help whenever I had questions or needed anything.  I had my braces removed November 2019.  The results were so rewarding!! At the young age of 57 I now have a beautiful smile and healthier teeth! It is never too late to begin treatment!  I highly recommend VanDevanter Orthodontics to anyone who is looking for an orthodontist who cares very much about her patients and is genuinely excited to help you through your journey with braces.  Give them a call!"

-Kathy H.

"Initially, I was unsure if correction was possible. With technology and attention to my needs, Dr. VanDevanter is correcting my very malpositioned teeth and has given me a closed bite and is straightening my turned/slanted teeth. She has done amazing work!!! I highly recommend her if you need any orthodontic work done. Don't wait!"

-Carol O.


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